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    I realized that becoming a doctor, I can only help a small community.
    by spraeding the importance of life style disoders, I with help of our
    Honourable Surgeons serving successfully.
  • 40000+ surgeries
    since 40+ years

    I realized that becoming a doctor, I can only help a small community.
    In this journey of surgeries understanding the importance of
    present life style problems encouraged many enerpueners
    like yes clinic - Dr. Ram.

Get Treatment in 30 Minutes

We here by convey you all that after backing years of experience evolved with advanced technology, shortened the time spent at hospital and the recovery time from weeks to days infact we did surgerys in lunch break for software personals.

Leading Technology

Ultra modern advanced technology was adopted by us, we are succsessfully planned and exicuted in more than 10000+ patients without any issues. The laser is inhouse imported from spain machine and the accessories are from Germany. The healing is fast and without any marks like cosmetic till date since the laser usage all our patients are 100% happy.

Experts by Experience

Our Yes clinic hospital utilizes state of the art technology and employs a team of true experts including staff and infrastructure ambience at par with any corporate hospitals painless, bleedless, knifeless, no cutting and finally Fearless surgeries simplifying is our USP.

Yes Clinic

We're setting Standards in piles fissure and fistula Research & Clinical Care more than a Decade.

We provide the most succcesss full medical services in proctology, so every person could have the opportunity to receive qualitative medical help to restore life style for joyful living.

Our Yes Clinic has grown to provide a world class facility for the treatment of Piles, Fissure & Fistula most advanced restorative .We are among the most qualified laser piles surgery providers in Hyderabad, India with over 10 years of succesful surgeries more then 10000+ piles surgeries flawless.


We Care Our Patients.

We are experts at treating Piles/Hemorrhoids with Laser Treatment
Say goodbye to painful fissures with Laser Treatment
Quick and efficient fistula treatment for quick recoveries
An internal bath to detox and cleanse your system
Conical radial fibre has a vital role in curing
Operation Theater
Clinic with Innovative Approach to Treatment
Our Doctor

Our Dedicated Doctors Team

Prof. Dr. N.M.Rao

M.S. FICS, M.D( U.S.A) Senior Consultant.

Dr. Ram.Dhora

M.D. Chairman & Managing Director

Dr. Shanthi Vardhani

M.S. General Surgeon General Laproscopic.

Dr. D.B. Poornima Chowdary

M.S. (Gen, Surgery) FMAS.P.G.DIP(Lap Surg) France
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Our Pricing

Pricing Plan

Rs. 60k to 120k


  • 100% Non Reversible
  • 100% Painless
  • 100% Bleedless
  • 100% Scar less

Rs. 45k to 75k


  • 100% Non Reversible
  • 100% Painless
  • 100% Bleedless
  • 100% Fearless

Rs. 75k to 200k


  • 90% Non Reversible
  • 100% Painless
  • 100% Bleedless
  • 100%Fearless

Rs. 2.5 to 400k


  • 90% Non Reversible
  • 100% Painless
  • 100% Bleedless
  • 100% Scar less
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Our Stories, Tips & Latest News

Laser Story

We are the First people to introduce and perform laser surgery in South India .
We initially started Fistula surgery with Laser and thereafter introduced Lasotronix for fissure and Haemorrhoids (Piles).
Now we are performing for Varicose veins and Circumcision also.


Stop Self Medication and Consume Plenty of Drinking Water.
Add Fibre to your Diet/Stop all Junk Food, Aerated Drinks.


We identified most innovative way and most simplest way to treat colorectal-proctology cases through laser. We trained most of the surgeons around the twin states. The news is now we are planing and executing the same surgeries for 50% lesser then our Banjara Yes Clinic under our umbrella, by name Laser Piles clinic at Secunderabad.
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